Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dazzlepro Smile Packs

Dazzlepro Smilepacks for sensitive teeth
Retail $129.00
use code "HAPPYSMILE12" 
discounted price $39.00
3 customers will be randomly chosen to receive a whitening pen with their order!!
you can order yours here:

this video was not sponsored, smile packs were provided for review

Memebox #8 Unboxing!

Love me some Memebox!
this is box #8

April Boxy Charm unboxing!

This one was a good one!

7 month old baby update!

I thought I would do a quickie update of my Joy Boy! 
He is already 7 months old, I cannot believe how fast time is going. He is the sweetest little thing. He smiles so much and has such a sweet little personality. 
love him!

April Ipsy Bag!

Here is my April Ipsy Bag!
Ipsy is a $10/month subscription 

Get your Ipsy bag >>here<<

March Favorites!

Here are my favorites from March!

Memebrush Makeup Brush Review

These are the travel sized Meme brushes from
These retail for $36 so I thought I'd give you guys my opinion on them!

What is Your Purpose or Passion?

Do you know what your purpose/passion is?
how do you know?
I was pondering this the other day and thought I'd make a quickie video about it!

March Bijoux Box!

Hello Ladies!
I just realized I did not put up a ton of videos… so here goes! 
here is my March Bijoux box!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fit Journey Update & Bulu Box

$10/month & free shipping!
use code "ALITTLEABOUTALOT" for 50% off any box!

Every month you get 4-5 premium samples. 
If you love something, then you can order the full sized product.
After you've tried them you can review them on their website and earn points to use towards future purchases!

boxes available in Bulu Box, or Bulu Box Weight Loss

Hey everyone! It's been a little over 2 months since I started my "fit journey".
I told myself I wouldn't worry about it until I was finished having all my kids and my youngest was atleast 1 year old. BUT…. sometimes when you get motivated, you have to grab onto that motivation and start moving (literally!)
So since I started I've lost 15 lbs. Some pounds definitely came off easier than others and I still have a ways to go… but I thought I'd give you an update and Bulu box provided some boxes so I could show you what is inside! 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Urthbox Unboxing!

Got my first Urthbox in the mail!
Urthbox is a monthly box you get jam packed with healthy food, snacks and drinks!
They have a Classic, Diet, Vegan or Gluten free box.

1 month/ $25
3 months/ $22 a month
6 months/ $19 a month


box was graciously sent by Urthbox for review

Friday, March 28, 2014

Purple Haze Eyes Tutorial

Hello Ladies!
Sorry it took me so long to get into doing some tutorials, here is a quick and easy way to add some color into your every day makeup!

Products used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Shadows in: buff, creep, gravity, baked
Milani Infinite eyeliner in Everlast
L'Oreal Butterfuly Effect mascara

Monday, March 24, 2014

Ballerinas and Butterflies

My March fabkids pick for my little butterfly.

Fabkids is a monthly subscription box for cute and trendy kids outfits.
They also have some super cute dress and shoe deals going on right now too!
Click any of the images to join, get 50% off your first fabkids outfit.

My little girl is wearing the "Malibu Princess" outfit in a size XS (she usually wears a 2T)
i love love love how sparkly and girly this dress is. she was a little princess butterfly fluttering around.

My ballerina had her first ballet recital and looked so cute (and the girl has to get in every picture.. buahaha!!)

These two have such a cute and special relationship. My girls are 5 years apart and my boys are 5 years apart. It makes for a neat dynamic. My older daughter is so caring and nurturing to her little sister. And little sister loves everything her big sister does and looks up to her so much. I love it. 

how cute is her little broken wing? she loves "fah-fai's" and she thought it was so fun that she was one!

Rainbows & Unicorns TAG!

Memebox #7 Unboxing & GIVEAWAY

you can enter on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Good Luck!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Learning to Receive a Compliment

I…like many of you, have always had a hard time receiving a compliment. 
I don't know. It's just always made me feel awkward and uncomfortable.
I remember someone saying that insecurity is false humility. I had to ponder that one for a while.

Anyways, Here I am in my mid-30s still awkward and weird when someone gives me a compliment. Learning to graciously say "Thank You", accepting it and believing it.

Hope this helps.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Toy Coupons Galore!

There are so many good toy coupons right now!
Easter baskets, birthday presents…I always print a bunch before I hit Target or Walmart.

Hope it's helpful!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Citrus Lane Subscription Box!

The prices are: 
$29/month & free shipping for a monthly subscription
$24/month & free shipping for a 3 month subscription
$21/month & free shipping for a 6 month subscription

I received my first box when my first son was about 6 months old. Yesterday I was looking for a sun hat that I received in one of my boxes for my second son to wear… so I dug up this old video because I couldn't remember what size the hat was (and didn't want to waste time tearing the house apart if it wasn't going to fit… but perfect, because little one is 6 months now!)

I have to say, that I was very impressed with the boxes and it is such a great way to try new products, and also have fun treats for your little one delivered right to your door.

The brands that they use are brands that I would buy from anyways in the store, so not only is that a plus… that have some super adorable stuff!!! I mean, look at that bumble bee lunch bag!!

While digging, I found this other Citrus Lane review I did as well!


Hope this was helpful for all you mama's looking for a good subscription box!
To subscribe click any of the images, make sure you use "TAKETEN" in promo code to get $10 off your first box!

Target's 2nd Beauty Box Unboxing

sorry about the little rant in the beginning…just thought I needed to put it out there!

these boxes are $5 per box. It is not a monthly subscription.
To find out when they are available, follow Target Style on Facebook (that's how I found out)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Fabkids Picks!

My kids get so excited when the delivery lady comes to the door with a fabkids box. Even the delivery lady says "I wonder what cute outfit they got this time!"

ok this picture totally sums them up! haha!

Where did my baby boy go? Today I was looking at him and could not help but feel sad all the 'baby-ness' is gone. He was pushing my younger daughter in the hammock and said " you are the most beautiful girl in the world" I almost choked on my spit, and then had to run inside because I didn't want him to see me cry!

He is wearing the "Insect Inspector" outfit in size M (he usually wears a kids 5)
Love the shirt. It is very structured so looks so crisp and clean. Love the little ant design!

My pretty girl is wearing the "Palm Trees and Stripes" outfit. The leggings came the wrong size (but perfect for little sister) but she didn't mind because it was 88 degrees out today!!

She was so excited there were pockets in the dress so she could take her "charms" with her. 
It's the little things...

Love my Fabkids!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Favorite Powder Highlighters

Some of my favorite powder highlighters!

M.A.C. Limited Edition in Veronica's Blush
Hard Candy Blush in Honeymoon
M.A.C. Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle
NYX Cosmetics Highlighter in Magnetic

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March Ipsy Bag & Free Prescription Glasses!

Phew! talk about a quickie unboxing! 
I got home from painting all morning and hopped in the shower.. came out to my Ipsy bag, so I wanted to share. It's been super dusty and windy today and my eyes have been irritated so I thought I'd film full  fledge nerd style. Yes, they totally look like the 3d glasses from the movie theater!

I am almost blind so without glasses or contacts I can't see past my nose. 
I go these for free!
Get yours HERE  and use promo code "FIRSTPAIRFREE"

amazingly they got to me in 2 days!! wahooo!!!

ok. enough about my glasses. here is the Ipsy bag 

Monday, March 10, 2014

March Wantable Box: Accessories

$36/month for:
3-4 boutique pi├Ęces
4-5 premium makeup products
or 4-5 intimates
You pick the box you want!

I am all up on the accessories box. I love the thought of getting beautiful pieces that I wouldn't get on my own. I have to b disappointed in a box!
This month I got 4 items!

Click the video to watch my unboxing!
(to order, click any of the images above!)

Undies in the mail?!

undies in the mail?
yep!! for $12/month you get 3 pairs of cute undies sent right to your doorstep!
Just fill out a quick profile so they can send you undies that match your preference.

use code "LITTLE" for $4 off your first order!

Friday, March 7, 2014

My Fit Journey Update #1

I just realized I never posted this! 
So since my first video I'm proud to say the only days I've missed working out was when I was sick. 
It is definitely a slow process. I thought for some reason it would be so much quicker, but I have to keep reminding myself that this is a lifestyle, not a phase or a fad.

Changes I've made:
Every day I do at least one workout, if not more. All the videos are free and I find them on YouTube.
The ones I've been doing: Blogilates, Jillian Michaels, and Fitness blender
Eating less sugary sweets and carbs.
Drinking detox water whenever I can.
"grazing" yep, like a cow… eating little bit of something all the time

Changes I've seen:
I've lost 12 lbs so far. literally one pound at a time.
I feel less jiggly. I know that sounds funny, but it's true!
TMI but I totally got runner's diarrhea after doing Jillian Michael's for 3 days in a row. 
I am sore every day!

If you are on a fit journey too be encouraged! Especially if this is your first time really trying like me. I've definitely had days where I wanted to quit. Days where I weighed MORE when I for sure thought I lost…and lack of motivation, The biggest help is doing it with someone else, if you don't have anyone physically near you.. join a group online or through social media. 
I follow some uber fit girls on instagram just for motivation and inspiration.

This is my new life. I am doing it for my kids,my husband, for my future grandkids…and for me!
Hang in there and keep up the good work!!!